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VTA Muthamizh Vizha Competition

Victorian Tamils Association’s (VTA formally known as ETA) conduct the Muthamizh Vizha Competition for the past twenty years in Victoria, as part of our annual Muthamizh Vizha celebrations. The competition aimed to promote Tamil language and culture among the younger generation of the migrant Tamils in Australia. Initially, the Essay competition was opened for participants from outside Australia as well (Sri Lanka and India), but later it was limited to Australia only, due to the then existed war situation in Sri Lanka.

The competition allows children as little as 4-year-old to mature students to participate, and they can compete in Speech, Singing, Essay writing and Oral presentation (discussion) in Tamil.

Though we want as many as possible to take part in this competition, we still try to maintain a high standard for all forms of the competition, which we believe is the key to promote our language and culture among our children.

Another main feature of our competition is that; we do not conduct this competition for the purpose of making a profit. The fees and charges associated with the competition are just to cover the cost of hiring the facilities only. The VTA subsidies if any shortfall in the competition budget.

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